Responsible website

Charles Darwin referred to the adaptation of the species as a basis for survival in the event of change; KuboWeb, your trusted web agency, explains how this is also important on the web. The responsible site is the one that has the full ability to adapt to the device from which it is opened, without the need for further action by the operator or the user himself. The creation of a dedicated Abruzzo site will create a site that independently modifies the layout of its pages according to the screen hosting it, minimising the effort of the reader.


Why it is important to set up a dedicated Abruzzo site

It is not magic, it is only the power of modern IT applied to the construction of the Abruzzo site. Small measures are needed when developing a website so that it can be used in the same way as a PC, a smartphone, a tablet and even a smart TV. The content remains the same, the basic graphics as well, which is only the move of some elements to reflect the spaces and dimensions of the different screens. Thus a text remains easy to read without the need for an extreme zoom, an image does not encroach on the entire field of vision and the scroll is natural with both the mouse pointer and finger.


Creation of dedicated Abruzzo site for the natural selection of the species… of the websites

Websites are usually designed for a desktop display (from pc) because until recently it was the only way to access it. But not only that: A desktop version website can contain many more functions, have a higher resolution and a better “eye turn” due to the large size of the screens. On the other hand, if the same characteristics were maintained on a mobile site, the loading would be slowed down and the use of a portable device would lose its usefulness. 5/7 inches to 15 inches from horizontal to vertical screen, from minimum to large RAM: These are just some of the features that underline the importance of setting up a dedicated Abruzzo website in order to reach all web users with a single website and little effort.

Development of the app or construction of the responsible Abruzzo site

Many companies have today opted for applications to reach mobile users, i.e. those accessing the web via portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, this should not underestimate the importance of the construction of the Abruzzo site. The app is very convenient for purchases and quick functions such as checking the balance, messaging, reading textual documents and bookings, but it must be downloaded and installed for use. Moreover, if the functions are more complex, an application is not enough and it is essential that your website also becomes mobile. This is the only way to reach a large and demanding audience, and to prevent mobile users (most of them) from picking up on a site that does not correspond to the spaces and size of their device.


How to create a responsible website

The implementation of the Abruzzo site should always be entrusted to professionals who will minimise the efforts of the company that needs it, resulting in excellent results for its clients.  Allowing anyone to consult a website from any browser is a sign of recognition for a serious company, paying attention to those working in front of a PC, those who navigate from a tablet for convenience, and young people who always have their smartphones at hand.

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