The most important content of a website: Photograph

Each website consists of a variety of multimedia content, including texts, pictures, videos, maps, links… One of them is equally important for obtaining a quality website and structuring winning web marketing strategies, but it is one that has a greater visual impact than everyone: Photograph. At a time of little leisure time and as much information available, the average user chooses what to look at when browsing online on the basis of the most attractive images. For this reason, we need to keep an eye on the photos used on your digital spaces, be it websites or social pages.


Quality mobile marketing with professional photography

As we remember, for professional websites to develop, it is not enough to be better than others or to have exclusive products, we need to be able to communicate them. Equally, for a good mobile marketing strategy, we need to choose the right elements on which to focus. Especially today, that smartphones are the most widely used tools for online navigation, what will give you a large number of customers will be a high-quality image. Photography is an art, which is not limited to portraying products, people and landscapes, but draws on deeper foundations such as studying colours, lighting, shapes and emotions. Thus, with a quality photo, what you think will be simple emotional web marketing, you will get excellent results.



Google Virtual Tour 360° photograph

But when talking about photography, we are not just talking about static images. For several years, Google has taken the crucial step that has created a meeting point between a photo, a video and an interactive map: The Virtual Tour 360. It is no more than a 3D image to scroll and zoomate as is done with the streets on Google Maps, but… it can also be done within places, shops, buildings, works of art. Therefore, the inclusion of a Virtual Tour 360° should also be considered, but the inclusion of a Virtual Tour ° should also be considered when developing professional websites: It is useful for your customers to get a full picture of what you have to offer, and for you to make the extra effort towards competitors, which is also much appreciated by Google for website indexing.




Parts from 360° photograph for your mobile marketing strategy

Investing in mobile marketing means seeking to reach out to as many users as possible by communicating their activity in the manner most appreciated by those who navigate via smartphones. There are many young people, who always go fast and run hundreds of social pages every day. Therefore: Little text, appealing photograph and easily retrievable; Better with Virtual Tour 360. What is more convenient to scroll the entire catalogue of a garment shop with the simple movement of a finger? Just enter the Manila shop to discover it! And to choose the best restaurant for your companion evening? Just enter the Lu Strego restaurant and seem to feel already odour of arrosticins! This is what can be termed emotional web marketing, and goes hand in hand with the development of professional websites and the creation of social pages.


Photograph and social networking, winning pair

Mobile marketing strategies also include social media marketing companies, i.e. the best creation and management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar pages. The display is different from a mobile device to the desktop version from the PC, but in both cases the choice of images to be used remains crucial: It is enough to think of the many influencers who have made them an indispensable element of their success. But choosing professional photography also means working in post-production, with tools such as Potoshop that make every work unique and indispensable for achieving its objectives. How? From KuboWeb you will find the expert graphic in photograph, you will think about it!

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