Amazon’s services for disabled people

Amazon is a kind of ‘amamo et odi’: There are those who cannot do it without saying it is indispensable and those who think the boycott is a major threat to local trade. We, remaining impartial, would like to explain to our clients all those services that could make life easier for some people with disabilities. Indeed, Amazon, in addition to having the largest e-commerce business in the world, has developed a number of parallel services that many do not know. Of Amazon Prime Video we have already spoken, now we discover the others.


Amazon Prime Day postponed due to coronavirus pandemic

Before starting, it must be remembered that the most affluent customers reap the full benefits of online shopping, such as the subscription to Amazon Prime: A sort of loyalty to e-commerce, which makes it possible to avoid paying delivery costs, to be able to choose very rapid consignments (even on the day) and to take advantage of exclusive offers. Among all promotions, Amazon Prime Day, which is an exaggerated discount day dedicated to subscribers, can benefit from even those who are not. The appointment is usually mid-July, but due to the coronavirus pandemic this year it would appear that it will be postponed to a date. So we have to wait.



Amazon brand marketing sample with branded products

Inorder to use services useful for people with disabilities, you need support such as specific applications or Echo devices with which Alexa Amazon can be used. After the e-reader Amazon has marked a huge number of products without which it is impossible to use some exclusive functions. In addition, small electronic glasses and clothing also bear their registered trade mark. They know how to do brand marketing! While it may seem exaggerated, if this can be useful to all, why not take advantage of it?




Amazon Alexa

To highlight the useful services for people with disabilities, we find ourselves an advertisement a few months ago, in which a blind woman interpels Alexa before leaving her home, asking ‘Alexa, what time out?’. Indeed, thanks to the Echo devices, it is possible to use the voice assistant Amazon Alexa to ask for general information on all subjects, to start music, to engage in e-commerce activities (and to make immediate purchases without going through the site) and much more. For some, it may seem a frivolous and superfluous service, but for others it can make life easier with so many small daily gestures that were previously difficult.


Audible Amazon

Although Amazon is now a brand marketing sample, it started with the production and distribution of e-reader. Given its origins, he then launched a parallel service called Audible, allowing audiobooks, courses and much more to be heard. To do so, you need to download the dedicated app and… pay for your subscription. As with Amazon Prime, it is also free of charge for the first 30 days of testing and then turned into a monthly subscription fee. The service is accessible to all mobile and fixed devices and will allow anyone to discover unknown worlds only by listening.

Although all these are commercial, we seem to be very honoured by Amazon and we are confident that in the future there will be further surprises.