Streaming of meaning

The term streaming has now fully entered the Italian vocabulary, but what does it mean? Without going into complex IT explanations, this allows us to access audio and video content without the need to download heavy files. Viewing or listening can be done through the web and free or paid platforms that share a repository to be made available to everyone. To watch films and TV series and listen to unpublished concerts and disks, simply connect on a page via a browser or access a particular app, look for what you want and get comfortable. And there is the embarrassment of your choice!

Live streaming or when you want

The convenience of streaming is embedded in the timescales of use: You can choose when you log in and decide what to see or listen to. The precursor to streaming was TV on demand, with which it could review the favourite programmes on its own television; The alternative was the downloading of digital copies which, in addition to increasing the cost of digital copies and IT devices, was often also illegal. However, live streaming has also come with social networks, i.e. live web streaming by leading figures, artists and even private individuals: You can choose how and where to see them and, if you cannot be present at that time, you will be able to access it thanks to the history that remains available online. Then will you abandon your TV to move to furniture? No, because all streaming channels also allow access via apps that can be downloaded in smart TV and consoles.

Free streaming postilla

Before entering us among the most famous names of streaming channels in Italy, it should be remembered that the vision is much wider than you think. First of all, there are TV channels that allow viewing of all (or almost) TV programmes broadcast in the previous days: Simply subscribe to the broadcaster’s website (such as Mediaset play or Ray play) and choose in the catalogue on demand, without paying anything. In addition, free viewing should also be extended to football streaming, but not to all matches. Just search online, and buy beer and crisps in advance.


Netflix streaming is the world’s most famous. The luck of its creators is perhaps due to having anticipated the time, or to having the most complete collection of films, TV series and TV programmes available in so many languages. Netflix’s appearance shifted from the rental of physical copies (cd, dvd and Blu-ray) to the payment of a monthly fee for viewing an immense video catalogue directly at home. Viewing can be done by fixed, mobile and TV devices, and there are also signed Netflix productions among the titles available online. The cost of subscriptions, although negligible if you think of what you can access, is considerably lower if you share your subscription with some friend. To try now!

Amazon Prime Video

One of the first direct competitors is Amazon Prime Video streaming. The world’s largest e-commerce site, initially dedicated only to books and ebooks, decided to expand its services, including free streaming. Or rather, free of charge but subject to one condition: You must be prime customers. Annual or monthly registration allows a variety of benefits for those who make purchases, such as very fast and free consignments and exclusive offers on product prices; However, subscribers can also access audio streaming content via Prime Music and video streaming via Prime Video at no additional cost. In order not to miss anything, there are also exclusive Amazon TV series in the catalogue.

Disney plus

The latest stream of streaming is Disney plus (or Disney +), with functionalities and payments similar to Netflix, but with a substantial difference in catalogue. The streaming database comprises all titles of films and signed TV series Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic productions. Were you just for children? Even if it had been, it is never too big for a good animated film! Regardless of the platform you are accessing, the important thing is that the content is of quality and tells us something, as was the case with Black Mirror for us in KuboWeb.