Social network definition

Let’s stand out from the base: What are social networks. We are talking about common direct and indirect web-based communication tools. These new media need a connection to access it and, through it, connect people close and distant from all over the world. They are used informally to share moments, thoughts and emotions, but also formally to advertise online; In the latter case, web marketing is very useful. Moreover, an important factor is that today all social networks allow direct private messages to be exchanged, without the need to switch from the public bulletin board, to increasingly improve customer satisfaction.

Which social networks are most used?

Even if we do not use them regularly, we all have come at least once in our life in a content or image from the most famous social networks. These include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as visual and informal social media, where images, thoughts and links to other pages can be shared. The video social network by excellence, on the other hand, is Youtube, used by professionals and industry enthusiasts. Finally, reference should be made to the most formal of all, LinkedIn, which is used as a true digital curriculum to which professional multimedia articles and content should be attached. What they agree is that each of them is a great opportunity to exploit, even better if with the support of a sem specialist.

Impossible not to use social networks

In order to access social networks, you need to create a profile and define your identity with which to navigate. However, thanks to the ability to choose the level of privacy, some content is public and accessible to those who do not have their own personal profile. The most attentive ones will have noticed that even if a search is made on Google, social networking pages are often out of the first results. This is due to the fact that, due to ease of use, many companies are now entirely targeting their web marketing activities on social media, leaving aside all other channels. Useful but not enough, unless you have a social media manager like Taffo’s!

Direct messages, voice messages and other opportunities to be exploited on social networks

Plan all social networks have adapted to the demands of the general public and today almost all of them allow private messages to be sent between users, a little like text messages and instant messaging such as Whatsapp. Simply search for the desired person’s first name and surname or nickname, press ‘message’ and the game is done, without the need to own the recipient’s mobile phone number or email address. What about privacy? Never underestimated, so some suspicious senders end immediately between spam or filtered messages. 

New social network fashion: Live directs

Finally, it should be added that social networks have all made us a key player, albeit without television crews. And for those who are not content with the sending of selfias, the direct live comes, which attracts the attention of so many curious people. In addition to the famous narcisists and influencers, many professionals have also chosen live social networks for short communications, major updates or video tutorials. An additional useful tool to be used with social media to improve its web marketing activity. And for those who are not yet practical with technology, see KuboWeb to help you, your trusted web agency!

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