Strategic web marketing suitable for each category of summer balances 2020

Opening to summer balances throughout Italy: Everyone speaks of it, all want them, but you want to distinguish you from the mass and communicate that you are more beneficial. How? Start immediately with a marketing funnel plan to attract so many potential customers and keep them even after the ‘season change’. Your trusted web agency can help you understand how you can move and how to harness business strengths to sell today and trusted customers tomorrow. KuboWeb is ready, follow the discovery of the funnel marketing…


How to target the 2020 summer sales target via funnel marketing

Before starting with our strategic web marketing, we understand what the funnel marketing is. It is the funnel marketing strategy which aims to optimise the quality of potential customers. Put simply: Few but good. Reaching out to a large number of users is the dream of anyone working on the web, but it is even more so to get users who do exactly what we want, whether to buy, click or stay on our website for a long time. But to do so, we need to think and act big and attract as many people as possible, so that there is a natural selection from among them. This is only the case if the correct strategic web marketing has been applied.



Summer balances 2020 and funnel marketing, both in physics and in digital

The traffic and confusion in clothing shops during the summer sales period is known to all those hunting opportunities. In the same way, we need to create traffic on your website to ensure that a large number of clicks have a useful part to achieve our goal. Therefore: We are attracting so many passageways visitors with interesting elements for many, filtering with more niche elements, and then playing our apple in the sleeve with the real customers we are interested in. A bit like what happens in the physical shop: The external “balances” cartel reaches all passants, those who enter the new arm at full price to reach the opportunities at the bottom and those who arrive there will read the advantageous price in the card and buy a variety of items.




We understand how to use the funnel marketing for summer balances 2020

The marketing funnel is therefore a funnel route, the aim of which is to encourage as many users as possible to pass the filters and exit the small crack at the bottom. The 4 steps are: Appealing articles or posts that create such traffic on the website; Short passage content leading fast clicks (called tofu); Content leading to a longer stay on the website or further clicks on other links (known as MOFU); Finally, content or actions that lead our customers to buy, register or remain our followers (called BOFU). An art such as that of those who set up slides and rooms for summer balances 2020.


Are we ready, when do summer balances start 2020?

The official date of the 2020 summer balances is 1 August, but many regions have given traders freedom to start early. More than when, however, it is important as: Create a short path (from window to card) to avoid dispersions along the journey, create content targeted at your target market to avoid wasting time and money, offer only quality content (and products) to ensure that as many visitors as possible leave the funnel. KuboWeb started its funnel marketing strategy well in advance and the first customers have already started to bring the first results.

The next one might be you, contact us before visitors start running the slides!