How to use PrestaShop 1.7: The signed Basic Course KuboWeb

PrestaShop is synonymous with a guarantee for those who engage in e-commerce or are preparing to do so. It is the most popular among CMS websites for e-commerce, because it is comprehensive and easy to manage. We in KuboWeb often advise you to set up the PrestaShop e-commerce website and, having already so many customers who have made this choice, we have decided to devote to everyone a free tutorial on the proper use of PrestaShop 1.7.


Creation of the PrestaShop e-commerce website 1.7 turnkey

The word ‘turnkey’ is usually used to indicate a complete work that no longer requires the intervention of the professional who carried it out. This is what we offer from KuboWeb as a web agency: A complete website that can be fully managed by the end-user. But one of our customers may be those who need some additional clarification, or who would like to gain even more benefits from their e-commerce website, and it is precisely to them that our free course on the use of PrestaShop 1.7 is addressed.



PrestaShop 1.7 course video

The simplest and most immediate way to learn about things is to watch and listen to them. For this reason, we have created short videos to show how to use PrestaShop 1.7. The mini-tutorial will be presented by our mascotte Kubit, and our full stack will step-by-step explain the simple use of the e-commerce website and what every user can do independently. The videos, which last approximately 1 minute, are all on the Youtube KuboWeb channel, which can be consulted at any time. The categorisation will be a further help to understand what each lesson speaks and the numbers will help to understand the order to follow.




Free course PrestaShop 1.7 in pills

But the free course on the use of PrestaShop 1.7 is not limited to short videos! There are those who prefer static images and written texts, and for you we have made individual articles for each lesson on our blog. Here too, there is a categorisation and all the articles are made up of images explaining the steps to be taken on the PrestaShop e-commerce website and a short text describing them. Thus, even those who work at night and do not want to disrupt their neighbours, can devote themselves to the appropriate changes and customisation of their e-commerce activities.


Following the creation of e-commerce sites, the base course PrestaShop 1.7

The activity of a web agency is not limited to the creation of e-commerce sites. Indeed, many customers already have a website and need assistance on many other ancillary services. What we care about KuboWeb is that our customers are always satisfied with the work we have done for them, and offering free content is a way to thank them for choosing us.

The free course on the use of PrestaShop 1.7 is just one of many small gifts that we would like to make, and we invite you to always follow us on our social media channels for all the news we have in store for you.