Avoid waste, such as your trusted web agency

On 22 August 2020, the Earth Overshoot Day (EOD) was: This is the day on which the planet Earth has exhausted its consumable energy in the 365 days a year. This is a rather serious fact, given that we have left even more than 4 months to close the year, and we continue to consume not (or little) renewable energies that give us our lives. It will appear to be a strange issue dealt with by a web agency, but it is not; Working with IT, we know well how important it is to reduce waste and make ecological choices.


We understand what Earth Overshoot Day (EOD) is together with the web agency

An interesting article in Il Sole 24 hours says “The day on which the planet is no longer able to stand behind our demands and to regenerate the resources we call for to live, eat, produce energy, absorb our polluting gases, marks the start of the debt”. Researchers from the Global Footprint Network say, and we are afraid of this. To be able to live, we need the treasures that offer us the Earth, and waste or damage them will only damage us. The energy that a web agency needs to work is also valuable, and it is precisely for this reason that they should be used with parsimony.



A web agency made up of people who consume parsimony

Very little is needed to respect the planet Earth; Young people say that they do not keep lights illuminated if they do not need it, close the water if you are not using it, and minimise waste. This is only the basis, which would help to move more and more the EOD day. The striking example is that this year it arrived one month later than in 2019, due to the months of coronavirus lockdown. The human world has for a few weeks been forced to reshape its habits, bringing benefits to the Earth, while continuing to live. The web agencies continued to work continuously, knowing that they could do so without harming the planet and helping all those who had to change the way they work and their daily lives.




Working together with the web agency to protect the planet Earth

The months of coronavirus lockdown taught us so much, starting from working from home. Smart working has worked, and for some companies it has been more productive than office work. But not only for companies, also for planet Earth, which, for example, has benefited from less smog and less packaging for meals consumed away from home. So why not continue to do so? Online advertising has also overwhelmed physical advertising, which is why continuing to exploit web marketing will benefit companies that earn more audiences, minimising waste. Another element that helped so much was the booking via apps, which reduced waiting times. It is difficult to do everything, but not impossible, if one relies on a serious web agency such as KuboWeb.


APP… let’s go to the Earth. Web agency and customers against Earth Overshoot Day (EOD)

Smart working, web marketing, customer management apps, and especially a website for professionals; It is up to you to change your way of working to save the Earth. Not all of them were ready for change and it has been difficult for some, because of this, web agencies have been and will continue to be important. When it comes to IT and web, it has become vital in every sector and no one can take it out anymore.

Contact us and understand together what to improve to start saving vital energy and protect our planet.

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