Not only search engine

Most online users use Google to search the web, but not everyone knows that Google contains many other programmes designed to ease the lives of world wide web skippers. Questioning the most famous search engine has become a common action carried out every day by billions of people around the world: Doubts, uncertainty, curiosity, important information and the famous “how you do” and “what it means” are among the most sought at every moment. In short, Google is a key tool that often saves us from a probable gaffe, but in reality it does much more


Google services available from browsers or apps

What Google first offers is the possibility of securalising our research: A candidate white page with a bar to enter our question, consisting of other options to be used if needed. The search engine allows you to choose between a generic search on all web pages or pictures, videos, shopping, news, maps, books, etc. There is the famous Google Translate that helps with quick translations between each language and Google News to find the latest news in the world. There are also the services that you can use as a browser version or via an app to download, such as Google Maps, Google Play and Google Drive. The first one can scroll digital maps and travel every desired journey, the second can download all services and apps available on the market (free and paid), and the last one can store and share files on an online database.


One Google profile for all devices you use

The services that Google offers are mainly available free of charge, including the Gmail mailbox, the calendar and the digital directory. Key elements for those working with the web and need additional support to help them manage their commitments. On the other hand, paid services include part of the many strategic web marketing tools. It would be impossible to quote all of them, but there is one thing that they share: You can use all with one Google profile, from any fixed and mobile device. It is therefore enough to create a profile linked to an email address and start your adventure on Google. The personalisation and the level of privacy can be chosen by the individual user, who will also see all additional options transferred with their profile, without the need for further action whenever they change the device from which they access or service they use. WOWIE!


Google Pay

But Google is not content, and at the end of 2018 Google Pay arrived in Italy. It is a system that allows you to pay quickly and easily for your online shopping and shopping in physical shops, or for services such as a travel ticket with Flixbus. To do so, you need to download the app on the smartphone, connect your credit cards and use your mobile phone to make all payments. For physical shops, the smartphone (or its own smartwatch) will be valid for the contactless and will only require a code above the threshold of EUR 25. And those with the list of offers will also find the sector where loyalty cards of the most popular stores are to be inserted. In short, shopping has never been so easy because of the wallet and the cards.


Google and Google Nest Hub Assistant

Google targets occasional browsers, professionals, but also millennials, those fascinated by comfortable life and smart that allows every home system. In fact, complicating the multifaceted advertising of recent months, there has been a boom in purchasing control tools that make life easier, with the support of theGoogle assistant or Amazon’s competitor Alexa (with reduced but more commercial functionalities). What matters is that everything can be obtained by simple voice controls: It is sufficient to ask for the reproduction of a musical slab, and as to a magic, the lights are switched on or off, the washing machine and air conditioner are programmed, and much more. Everything even remotely, while spending before you go home.

‘let’s go to Google’, says the slogan, and we can only be content with Big G, who has literally tortured our lives!