Italian mangia thanks to the creation of Abruzzo e-commerce sites

The focus on healthy eating is increasing and is growing in parallel with the desire to buy Italian and eat Italian. This is because we know our lands and we know that the products are so exceptional that the Italian cuisine is the best in the world. In order to choose the best raw materials, we need to know the producing companies, and in order to help us set up Abruzzo e-commerce sites, through which you can also buy directly from the producer without moving from home.


Italian vendi with the creation of Abruzzo e-commerce sites

Whether it is difficult to know the best local producers in Abruzzo depends on their absence on the web. Many have already understood the importance of setting up Abruzzo e-commerce sites, putting most of their primitias online to reach even further customers. The sector is very large and businesses that have chosen a site for food professionals also produce processed products, such as biscuits made with the ancient grains of Ciboamore. Exceptional flours embodying a long history of abruzzo traditions; How would you know them without proper development of the website?!


Creation of Abruzzo e-commerce sites with PrestaShop

KuboWeb, as 1th PrestaShop web agency partner in Abruzzo, advises you the best CMS dedicated to e-commerce. The creation of Abruzzo e-commerce sites, in particular for the food sector, must be done on the basis of a balance between content and online shop. This is why, in our view, PrestaShop is the most appropriate: A website for professionals to enter the company’s history and mission, show the products and processing, and sell with simplicity. Transparency will make it much easier to eat better, bringing quality products to our tables.


From land to table with the creation of Abruzzo e-commerce sites

The food sector is very large and the creation of Abruzzo e-commerce sites is essential at all levels, from the producer of raw materials to the distributor of ready-to-eat wines. Those who have proved the authentic tastes of our area are hard to abandon them, but not everyone has the chance to live in the vicinity of peasant markets or retail outlets of small local producers. And we do not forget those who are too distant to try in person all the abruzen flavours that characterise us all over the world. In order to really reach everyone the only route is the development of the website, there is no doubt!



Creation of Abruzzo e-commerce sites for farms and foodstuffs

Thanks to the web, we discover so many things we do in our case, such as the Pasqualone farm, which has long relied on KuboWeb for its professional website. Like them, you can also show and market fruit, vegetables, flour, semi-finished products and many other readings thanks to the creation of Abruzzo e-commerce sites. Contact us to receive your planned website free of charge.

We are already ready: Let’s buy Italian, eat Italian!