The largest international e-commerce giant opens doors to all producers, making it possible to increase the visibility of individual brands: Amazon Store was born. Differentiating from others, including on Amazon, is now possible.

The most widely used e-commerce site in the world has always been seen as a large chalderon of products of all kinds, from which to fish for interest only through the use of keywords. But how many times did we look for a specific article of a specific brand and need to scroll pages and pages of similar “anonymous” objects? This difficulty is problematic for both buyers and sellers. But today, the solution was finally found to overcome this inconvenience, with the creation of Amazon Store.

Store Amazon is a personalised showcase on the site, visible on the purchasing platform from all the nations where e-commerce is present (namely, di”). An entire space dedicated to a trade mark, from which you can access the whole catalogue and with which you can know the whole company. Photos, videos, texts and links can be entered on the trade mark’s main page; From this, customers can also access individual products, divisible by category and also accessible from the various menus created for this purpose.

Through Amazon’s Store, small companies can also communicate their uniqueness, tell their story, show the value of their brand and sell their products to customers around the world. We are talking about an all-round purchasing experience, with the added value of the visibility of a name so important as to make all competitors almost non-existent.

Many Italian companies have already opened their own Store, such as the Illy coffee note, or the less well-known Tattoo Defender. A unique opportunity to see its own brand alongside Amazon’s brand, and to increase visibility and actual customers.

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