• Include characteristics in a product;
  • Functions and values in a product;
  • Personalised values;
  • Removal of a value.


Below, we will explain how to add characteristics to a new product.

We mainly marry on Catalogue and click on Attributes and Functionality:


Let’s click on Functions:


Once you enter “Functions”, you will need to click on “Add new jobs” at the top right to add a new function:


We add a name to the new function and save:


To the new function created, we give a value:



In our case, we will assign him (100 % polyester). Once allocated, we save:


Once done let’s move to Products in the left-panel:


Select a product. In our case, we will look at the product:


Selected the product will open the product tab and click on add new functions and assign it the function previously created and its value:




If we want, we can also add a personalised value:


If we realise that we have been wrong or simply want to remove a function, just click on the basket symbol:


Once all the operations have been done, we save (at the bottom right) and click on the Preview (on the bottom left) of the product to see how it will appear on our website:



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