• Add a new rule to the trolley;
  • Include a description for internal use (not visible to the customer);
  • Creation of an automatic or manual discount voucher;
  • Limit the use of a discount voucher.


Let’s go to catalogue, discount vouchers:  

Click on adding a new trolley rule:  

We enter the name:  

A description that serves internal use and is not visible to the customer:  

We can create a code by prestashop:  

Or we can insert one of them:  

We disagree with partial use:  

Then click on conditions and insert for example 100 as a total available:  

We could also limit the use of this voucher to an individual user:  

We can set the discount as an amount by including taxes:  

Or enter the percentage discount, e.g. -10 %:  

As a basic approach, it is well ordered without dispatch and we finally save:  

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