Somethimes, after prestashop upgrade, when you try to access to the back office you see the error “access denied” in one or more pages and you can’t see the pages.

prestashop Access denied in back office after upgrade

Above you can find a way to fix this issue.
If you are not confident with databases please don’t try this guide.

Those are the steps to follow:
0) backup first your database
1) check if ps_access is empty, in my case it was empty after upgrade


2) go to the table ps_authorization_role and export it as csv

3) open this file, if you use microsoft excel select “Data” > “Text to Column”

4) delete the content in column B
5) insert a column before the column A
6) add =1 in the A1 cell
7) copy this function until the end (you can click CTRL + C and then CTRL + SHIFT + arrow down using windows) and save the file as csv
8) go to ps_authorization_role, click import and upload the file
9) insert in “Columns separated with” ; and press Go

ps_access_prestashop import

10) check if all works fine now

Note #1: if the table ps_access isn’t empty you have to import only the missing roles
Note #2: if you have other active profiles you have to repeat those steps also for the other profiles

See the video tutorial above

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