Where do you go if you don't haveWeb Marketing?


These three letters indicate the activity of “search engine optimization”, and it goes without saying that it is fundamental. Because? It is not enough to put a site online for it to be found by Mister Google or his like. Positioning yourself in the search results is a real competition at the pace of keywords. And we at KuboWeb love to compete …


He is not America’s famous uncle, but like him he has a powerful appeal. It is the main promotion engine in the internet world, it is advertising in the 2.0 era, it is creativity in a digital guise. SEM services are many and varied, but all with one goal: to attract the attention of users and generate traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

It is the historical evolution of “word of mouth”, the now proverbial space of “sharing”, the first way to access websites. You can’t help but appear on Facebook & Co.

Landing Page

Here all the superpowers of digital marketing are concentrated to give life to the “transformation”: on this page the user is destined to become a customer, with a call to action.

E-mail Marketing

The key word is “newsletter”, that message we receive in the e-mail box, which informs us of the news, which builds loyalty towards the brand.

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