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The web is not only web pages that can be consulted, but it has been designed to facilitate our lives with a variety of services. The creation of websites and apps and their management and customisation are only the tip of the iceberg, hiding strategic web marketing services targeted for the digital world. The main internet marketing activities include:

Social Media Marketing

However, a simple and often underestimated way of promoting online is the social media channel. A large part of the network’s people are enrolled on at least one of the most important platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube) and they spend a lot of their daily time. The Social Media Marketing targets these channels by implementing specific word strategies: The word of order is ‘sharing’, so any action taken can be considered effective if it has produced numerous shares. The important thing is not just to attract attention, to do so in the right way and to cause a viral epidemic on the web, and KuboWeb experts have the right key to free the agent who will cause it.

Landing page

In addition, it is interesting to strategically organise a landing page or destination page. It is only a particular webpage that opens when you click on a banner or advertisement. The sole purpose of landing pages is to encourage the user to perform the action for which they have been designed. There are many shares such as the purchase of a product, the display of a link or video, etc. Therefore, there are no key elements for web marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Another beneficial factor for web marketing is certainly email marketing. By e-mail you can promote and advertise texts, videos, products, services. The newsletter is a very good type of marketing, as it monitors and trusts customers or users interested in the content of a website. Unlike ordinary mail, it is cheaper, direct and makes it possible to list the recipients actually concerned.

Don’t you know what web marketing is? Read the wikipedia page on web marketing

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