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What is web design and who is the web designer

Web design is the study and design of a website, which is an indispensable foundation for the creation of any website. Web designer is the professional figure that analyses the needs of companies and the needs of clients, combines them and translates them into computer language, i.e. planning the architecture of your website.

How to start with web design

In order to obtain a website, it is first necessary to design it, and this is the most significant step in the whole process. Your objective (company or staff) is at the heart of the whole mechanism: What do we want to do, transmit or do? The type of content to be shared is the vehicle through which you will use: Niche texts, topics of interest, pictures, catalogues,… Your audience is the direction to which you should move and on which you should shape your virtual world. Once these 3 points have been clarified, the web designer will start to be the complicated canvas of the website.

How to attract customers? Show, don’t tell!

The network is mainly populated by spectators who pick up from one platform to another attracted by the most attractive content. In order to communicate with them, you must be visually fascinating and engaging them emotionally. The web designer is an all-round communicator who plans the strategy with which to present your business card online. In close contact with him, the content manager responsible for drafting and correcting texts, the photo/video editor who is responsible for creating and editing images and videos, and the web developers who are responsible for developing the whole project and implementing your website are working closely with him.

Web design trend

Nowadays, everyone would like to have a free web site and often underestimate the importance of having specific skills. It is not enough to have a very good idea and think about one’s own target, it is necessary to establish relevant design rules to be kept constant. Like a paper newspaper, you must choose the general structure, the length of the content, the number of images to be entered, the combination of colours to be used, the location of the individual hypertext elements,… When applying the style rules, it should not be forgotten to make the website user friendly, to facilitate its usability (user experience) and to grant access through all electronic devices (responsive site).

Web design or web marketing?

A well-structured starting website has an additional route than those born without the support of a web designer. In addition to matching your needs with those of your users, using innovative technologies will save you costly marketing strategies later on. The KuboWeb team consists of all the professional figures necessary for the creation of a quality website; Their work goes hand in hand, working together to achieve your goal.

Do you know what Web Design is? Read the Wikipedia page on the Web Design

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