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Which website do you need?

There are a thousand ways and means of traveling the world: by plane, on foot, by ship, etc. The same goes for the World Wide Web, just choose the most functional and comfortable website for your navigation and that of your users. Take a look at the lines down here, get an idea, and ask us whatever you want. We have no secrets but solutions.

How to get started with web design

To obtain a website you must first of all design it, and this is precisely the most significant phase of the whole process. Your goal ( company or personal ) is the fulcrum that drives the whole mechanism: what do we want to do, transmit or have done? The type of content to share is the vehicle through which you will act: niche texts, topics of interest, images, catalogs, … Your audience is the direction you should be moving towards and on which you should model your virtual world. Once these 3 points have been clarified, the web designer will begin to weave the complicated web of website < / a>.

Web design trend

Today everyone would like a free DIY website and often underestimate the importance of having specific skills. It is not enough to have a great idea and think you know your target, you need to establish relevant design rules to keep constant . Like a paper newspaper, you have to choose the general structure, the length of the contents, the number of images to insert, the combination of colors to be used, the position of the individual hypertext elements, … forget to make the site usable by everyone ( user friendly ), facilitate its usability ( user experience ) and allow consultation through all electronic devices ( responsive site ).

Web design or web marketing?

A well-structured website from the start has an edge over those born without the support of a web designer . In addition to matching your needs with those of your users, thanks to the use of innovative technologies, it will save you expensive marketing strategies < / a> to be used later. The KuboWeb team is made up of all the professionals necessary for the creation of a quality website ; their work goes hand in hand, collaborating to achieve the goal you set.
Don’t you know what Web Design is? Read the page of wikipedia on Web Design.
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