How do we use the web?

After talking about streaming, one of the most widely used online services, we give an overview of what happens in 1 minute on the web. A very precise analysis in a image, showing the movement in 2019 and comparing it with 2018. The figure shows all the most famous logos on the web, those that we click every day, or almost every day, contributing to their ranking. Unfortunately, the study does not show “what” is displayed on the web in 1 minute, as there is no categorisation. But perhaps we should look at Google to better understand how the world wide web is being used today, whether for entertainment, study, shopping, work or…


Watch word on the web: Communicating

A first answer is that we already have this information, which shows that the most important thing today is to communicate. The first in the ranking of what happens in 1 minute on the web are emails (118 million sent!) and the use of messaging systems. Perhaps because, thanks to all the mobile devices we have, we can share every time in our lives with our loved ones; But we can also send documents and work contacts while travelling or… in more intimate situations. The ranking is almost unchanged from the previous year: Although numbers change, positions are similar. This condition is perhaps likely to remain the same for a lot, precisely because communication has always been one of the basic needs of the human being.

How much do we use our brain in a minute on social networks?

Curious question, but to consider if we want to analyse well what happens in 1 minute on the web and benefit from it. If we add up the visualisation of the main social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), a beautiful number to reflect on. On social networks today you can communicate with our friends (and go back to the previous point), find out what happens in the world and curiosise or lose time. Many say they ‘drag their mind’ when they scroll social pages and stories, but the brain does not break and store the eyes. If we take into account the fact that most viewing takes place via smartphones, this underlines how important it is for a company to invest in mobile marketing.

Cosa fare a casa: intrattenimento online

Tutto ciò porta sempre al fatto che l’uomo è un animale sociale ed ha bisogno di comunicare e condividere, perché non si vive di solo pane. Tra ciò rientra anche l’intrattenimento online, tramite musica, video, games e spettacoli fruibili tramite il web. Infatti, canali come Youtube, Netflix e Twitch si guadagnano un’ottima posizione, così come l’anno precedente. In aggiunta ci sono i numerosi download di app, tra cui potrebbero rientrare videogames, ed il fatto che i video sono disponibili anche sui social network. Mancano ancora i nuovi canali streaming, ma siamo certi che il 2020 li vedrà in classifica.


Online shopping and the future of what happens in 1 minute on the web

What is happening in 1 minute on the web is also an amount: $996.956 spent online, i.e. around EUR 925.000. We are talking about an overall spending in one minute around the world. WOWIE! Another interesting factor is the high purchase of smart speakers, although only Amazon branded devices are taken into account. In view of this, it is immediately spontaneous to think that the 2020 figures will be completely disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic that has dramatically changed our habits, but that is why we have to wait a few months later. In the meantime, if we want to catch up, we can first assess the website and adapt it to developments in recent years and what will be the future of the web and work in each sector.