From social networks to e-commerce: Facebook Shops

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the creation of Facebook Shops, a personal shop for online sales, focusing mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) wishing to start with e-commerce. It is obvious that they will be used by all companies, but the initial idea is notable for those who need it most. Facebook’s Marketplace was already known to the hardest, but this is a revolution: From a kind of large market where new and used items, accompanied by photos and short descriptions, will be sold to genuine online shops with all (or almost) the functionalities of an e-commerce site.


Keynote for Facebook Shops: Free

So, the greatest strength of Facebook Shops is to offer a free e-commerce website. Social commerce, as Zuckerberg has called it, stems from the needs of the online community and the desire to make e-commerce activities reach everyone. A kind of open war against big e-commerce? It may be, but also a great opportunity for small entrepreneurs who cannot afford to pay a high percentage of the products on sale. Thus, even those who have never sold to Amazon, eBay and the like, will be able to bring their business to the web and assist their customers in the same way as they receive them in their physical shop.


Facebook Shops as aid to companies around the world

At a time when the economic restart for many seems to be a barely hang on the Mont Bianco, the boss of social networks offer Facebook Shops as a cover from the sky. During the live live, he expressed his wish to help those who are unable to reopen physically or who have never had the opportunity to start an e-commerce business. This is obviously targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises with low economic availability or losses due to the coronavirus lockdown. Those who already have a website for professionals and treat web marketing will already know how to move; For those who are fasting, however, the trusted web agency is being rescued. KuboWeb can help you start a new online adventure without too much effort!


How Facebook Shops work

For the time being, it is still an experimental idea and we are confident that Facebook Shops will be fine-tuned and more clarifications will be made. Meanwhile, we know that every company will be able to connect its online shop on all social Facebook and Instagram pages, and customers will be able to get help via WhatsApp, Messenger and Direct messages. Convenient for those selling and buying, and apparently at no extra cost. The real revolution is to scroll photos and videos and immediately view the observed product and place it in your basket. The purchase will then take place on the online shop, where you can add or remove items from the basket and pay in a convenient way.


Even more important web marketing with Facebook Shops

As with physical shops, Facebook Shops can be customisable with colours, company logos, cover and information. Therefore, your online shop will have to be trained in every particular way, and made attractive to all customers, both old and potential. In the near future, this new tool will be used by a huge number of companies, and an excellent web marketing strategy will become essential from the outset. Of course, online shops will be easy to use and manage, but they will also have to be functional: It is not enough to have their own free space on the web, you need to reach as many customers as possible to sell their products or services. And it is not clear that, in the future, our dear friend Zuckerberg will take advantage of the success of the free e-commerce that it has created and wonders whether we want to use its marketing tools (against payment).

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