• A brief and detailed description of a product;
  • Text personalisation of the description;
  • Adding an image to the description;
  • Guide the user to the product.


We go through catalogue, products and select the product of:



This is a brief or summary description:


In this section, we will summarise the main characteristics of the product in a couple of lines:


In the description sheet we will add a detailed description of the product:


For example, for this product, we will write in the summary of custom cushions with colour printing:


On the other hand, in the description we will write: 3 variants are available. Specifically, we set out the list:

  • with a bird;
  • with a bear;
  • with a fox


We add further information such as “made in italy”. Each text can be customised with bold, italics, underlined and strikethrough:


Alignment can be set:


The lists ranked, numbered and tables:




We can also enter an image:


Let’s save and view the preview:


The thinking behind the summary is that a user should understand the general characteristics of the product by looking at the image and reading only the summary and title:


If you are interested and need more information, read the description:




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