• Adding combinations to a product;
  • Attributes of a product;
  • Generate combinations.


We will explain how to add various combinations to a simple product.

We go on a catalogue and select ATTRIBUTS and function:


Below we click on “Add new attribute”:


Let’s enter the various data:


Once you have completed the operation, click Save:


After saving, we click on the view of the attribute concerned:


Let us assign the various “values” to the attribute (in our case GRANDEZZA, we will assign small, medium and large)

N.B: You have to save each time a new value is added:



At the end of this exercise, we go on products and select the article to which the combination should be given:


Once the product is selected, click on “Product with Combinations”:


After clicking, at the bottom right, we will select the values, to give the selected product, previously created:


Select the values concerned, we will click on generate (generated) and automatically create several combinations:



For the various combinations that are created, we can give more information such as price and quantity difference:


Add the information, click save (save) at the bottom right. To have a preview of the product, just click on “Preview” at the bottom left:


We will find out how the product is displayed on our website, with the various attributes assigned by us.



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