• Include a new product on the site;
  • Description of the new product;
  • Product categories and combinations;
  • Putting the product online.


Below will you explain how to enter a new product on our website. We start by going on CATALOGO and click on PRODUCTS:


Enter the panel, click on the top right “New product”:


Once we have entered, we immediately enter the name of the product:


Below you will be able to enter pictures about the product:


Once uploaded, you will also be able to change their order by clicking on the image and drag it, where we want, either on the right or on the left:


That being the case, we select the image that will be used as a cover for our product:


Let’s move to the management part of the product. In the right-hand column, please indicate quantity, price and VAT:


Below we select the category to which you belong and the main category (main category):


Below the images uploaded previously, you will be able to enter a short summary and a more detailed description:


After completion of our operations, we go to the bottom of the page; Next to the word “Preview” you need to click on the nearby button to make the ONLINE product and then click on save:


At the end of this exercise, by clicking on “Preview”, you will be able to observe the inserted product:



The product will be visible with all the elements (name, pictures, description, price, VAT, quantity) you indicate.



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