• Products organised into categories;
  • Products may have subcategories;
  • Create a new category;


Your products are organised in one or more CATEGORIES. To view them, you first need to click on CATALOGO and then on CATEGORIE:


The various CATEGORIES will leave at the bottom of the page:


N.B: If a magnifying glass appears to the right of a category, it means that there are subcategories within that category.

In our case, the ABBIGLIATION category has subcategories (men and women), visible after clicking on the magnifying glass.


To create a new CATEGORY, click at the top right “Add new category”.


Once you enter the creation panel for the new category, you have to fill in the different fields:

Let’s start with the inclusion of the NAME:


We then select which category should belong to:


We give a brief description of the product:


Images can also be entered below:


At the end of the new category page, we will also find the EES part:

Once all our operations have been completed, you need to click SALVA at the bottom right.



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