Become a follower

The term Twitter means “chirp” and can be done with a message of up to 140 characters . To be updated on those of a figure of your interest you must be his follower, or a follower : the more you have, the higher your reputation in the eyes of the digital people.

The rules to follow on Twitter

A real marketing strategy requires constant attention, ownership of language and social skills, to make one’s own trend page. Getting a large number of retweets is the basis of increasing your visibility, which will bring in a greater number of customers. But, to do so, you have to choose the right words, otherwise you risk creating misunderstandings that will make you lose even the esteem of your most loyal followers.

The elements for success

To be successful on Twitter is essential:
Have a lot of followers
Share one or more posts daily
Insert attractive photos
Follow and mention the trends of the moment
Use the right hashtags

It is not easy to be a Twitter user

With this social platform it is possible to communicate information of all kinds, however short. For this, it is necessary to create impactful tweets, original and studied in detail . It is advisable to insert links (preferably to your own website ), targeted tags and images or videos that can say what you can’t with the few letters available. Mentioning other accounts with @ and current trends with # increases the audience of your post, which will appear in home of your followers, of the followers of the aforementioned subject and of those interested in the topic related to the hashtag