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Today we no longer have much time and patience to devote to daily operations, but we expect them to be carried out with the same care as in the past. For this reason, more and more documents are dematerialized and more and more operations are carried out virtually, relying on IT support. However, if the chosen shortcut is slow, the attempt to change is in vain. Rely on KuboWeb , our team will prevent the platform you manage from slowing down causing you inadvertent damage .

A slow site produces no traffic

Slowness is not only boring for waiting, but it can be a much more serious factor than you think. For example, if yours is a company site or even one for the electronic commerce , the customer will abandon him immediately if he does not get quick answers to the inputs sent by him (whether it is the ” opening the information page or the form for direct purchase). In any case, the user will prefer to choose another company rather than wait a few more seconds or long press “reload page”

Analytics and SEO techniques

To underline its further importance is once again Google , the search engine par excellence, which has expressed interest in the performance of websites for the purpose of addressing among the first results of its pages. To make work easier for everyone, he offered the opportunity to monitor them through the tool Analytics which, if supported by valid SEO techniques , will allow you to achieve positive results and greater number of visitors. In this way, it is evident that speed is a fundamental factor also from a competitive point of view .

Causes and solution of a slow site

Despite the premises, we still very often come across websites whose loading is very slow. The causes can be many and, in most cases, they can be traced back to the programming of the site itself. Over time, moreover, the increase in visits and the constant updating sites can become heavier without us noticing , slowing down little by little until it becomes difficult for us to manage and making navigation unpleasant. Don’t worry, with the our help you will once again have in your hands a useful and quick tool that will make you successful online, that you whether a private individual or a company.
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