The importance of being the first on a search engine

When an expert speaks about SEO, it refers to that set of activities that have as their sole objective the positioning of your website among the first results of the search engine pages. These are a series of strategies aimed at getting you to get to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and their analogues. Once the keyword has been typed, the user expects to get the best answer to his request and, if you own it, it would be a pitch if he did not find you and turn to your competitor. Being among the first results is crucial in order to be able to compete on the market.

The elements of the SEO

The SEO shall include:
● Choice of appropriate keywords
● Analysis of statistics and reports
● Study of competition and online positioning of competitors
Link building activities (directory, social bookmarking, article marketing)
Optimisation of content on website, blogs and newsletters

How to achieve your goals

Thanks to these actions, your website, e-commerce platform or landing page can reach the first positions on the main search engines, giving you high visibility and starting your business. But it is not as easy as it seems: There is a difficult work behind analysis, calculations and targeted interventions. To have your place in the front line, entrusted to KuboWeb professionals, who will advise you on your strategy and develop it for you.

The actors of the SEO

SEO also means customising on the basis of your sector, competition and global market laws. One of the figures to be used is the copywriter, who will be responsible for drafting texts and optimising them through the choice of keywords, links and images. This and much more you can apply it to your own website (if you already have one) or you can choose to create a new SEO oriented. Not hiding your wealth, it becomes a reference point for the web.

Don’t you know what the EES is? Read the wikipedia page on the SEO

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