Web Marketing


What we refer to when we talk about SEM

 SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and indicates all online promotion activities aimed at generating useful traffic to your website. It is useful to attract users who have a real interest in your business and are well prepared to interact with you.

E-mail Marketing

Google Adwords campaigns

Landing Page

It takes little to start

If you already have an institutional website that speaks about your company, a showcase site ore-commerce and you want to increase incoming traffic, you can call on KuboWeb experts to assist you with targeted techniques according to your area of reference. If you do not yet have your personal platform, we will develop a new SEM-orented site for you, ensuring that you have the best results.

What SEM is composed of

A number of specific activities include:
Web marketing planning
Google Adwords campaigns
● Landing page
● Newsletter
Lead generation

The steps to be taken to promote your website

Like the EES, SEM is also necessary for indexing websites in search engines and involves complex operations. Planning moves from a first phase of study and careful analysis of the market and competitors to planning in the least detail of the work to be carried out. The creation of paid advertisements for the target audience is done using Google Adwords, a Google tool. To merge the two elements for you, we will think of the KuboWeb team, which has the training required for the difficult management of marketing campaigns.

E-mail as a SEM tool

A widely used tool at the SEM stage is email: Your clients will be able to be informed of everything that you consider important for your business through periodic newsletterscampaigns with minimal details and lead generation that generate a list of potential clients interested in a specific product or topic. A good support for these two interventions is the landing pages, single and sliding web pages to target search engine results. They are created to communicate clearly and directly and encourage the user to take a certain action, such as subscriptions to your newsletter. 

Do you know what SEM is? Read the wikipedia page on SEM

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