Responsive Website

Responsive website, what does it mean?

Creating a comprehensive professional website means making it also responsive. A “reactive” site can be easily accessed by all commercial electronic devices, whether fixed or mobile, without risk of slowing down the upload or losing part of the content.

Computers, smartphones or tablets?

Creating a website today does not just mean filling a horizontal page of the size of an A4 with various content. This was possible ten years ago, when the only screen on which websites were displayed was a computer. Today’s formats and sizes are infinite and we cannot ignore their diversity. Computers, smartphones and tablets have different ways of displaying each other, as well as orientation and resolution that change from one device to another. To ensure that the created content is correctly displayed on any digital medium, it is sufficient to make your website responsive.

How to make a site responsive

Each website is created with an objective and, whatever its destination, must keep it clear on the first screen displayed to users after the click. An unresponsible site could create inconvenience and persuade users to abandon it: Slowing down, cutting images, wrong encryption of text, inability to scroll or zoom, incorrect orientation. On the other hand, with a responsive site, your pages are automatically adapted to the screen from which they are displayed. The layout is fully synchronised with the size of the device, the online experience will be pleasant in all respects.


Opportunities, needs or quirk?

The compulsory use of mobile devices has become an integral part of our lives. Like any other primary need, we cannot do without constant contact with smartphones or tablets. In 2017, it was estimated that each of us checks whether it has received notifications, calls or messages between 40 and 150 times a day. In such a context, it is clear that it is not enough to be present on the web alone. It must also be adapted to all computer media used to access the network. Whether you want to sell online or just keep a personal blog, you do not change. Ifyou want to be reached by anyone, you cannot do without adapting the pages of your website to any display.

Facebook, Google and Amazon: The solution is in front of your eyes

By browsing the pages of social networks, search engines and marketplaces, we realise that we have what we are always looking for. This is because the great names of the web have adapted from the outset to the various devices, making change almost impracticable. Their advantage was to bring forward migration from fixed to mobile, especially for the trade sector. It is quicker and easier if it can be reached everywhere: At the bus stop, the restaurant, the sea or… in the bath. Every time a break or relax is a good time to shop or find out about the latest news, so not to follow the trend.

Some of our creations

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