Responsive with KuboWeb

What a spirit of adaptation!

Computers, smartphones and tablets have different display modes, orientation and resolution, so the web design of the site must be able to “react” to changes between one device and another, always keeping the usability of the contents high. The literal translation of responsive is precisely “reactive”, “able to adapt”, so that the user experience – the so-called user experience – is not compromised by slowdowns in loading pages, by error messages, by the forced use of zoom, or other issues.


Every moment is good to connect to the web: on the bus, at the restaurant, at the sea, in the bathroom (let’s face it, we all do it during those sessions!). And thanks to responsive, every moment can also be a good time to read your site.


If you want your website to be readable for everyone, you can’t do without responsive design. It is not just a question of adapting templates and layouts, but of making it accessible and pleasant even for users with visual, physical or cognitive difficulties.