Today, any company, brand or product has an image that represents them and allows identification to anyone around the world; just think of the “M” of McDonald’s, the Nike symbol or the “F” of Facebook . From the simplest to the most complex, it remains the distinctive sign understandable in every language. But it is not enough to have the winning idea, it is necessary that the visual documents you have chosen are optimized according to the support that hosts them: the file extension, the size, the resolution, each element must be studied in detail details .
PSD is the acronym for PhotoShop Document , which is a document created with the Adobe PhotoShop program. By now we all know this tool and what it is for, and the most daring already use it for photo editing. Red eye correction, elimination of small physical defects, greater or lesser brightness, cropping, special effects; these are the activities that are carried out most often by beginners, and many times with the sole purpose of getting likes and approvals from the social community.
The creation and processing of images is also an art, and that is why PhotoShop was born. A complex software of enormous support for photographers and computer programmers. In fact, its functions are multiple and allow you to create small visual masterpieces designed to adapt to individual specific needs . Among these is the World Wide Web which has its own rules in this regard and, to be successful within it, it is essential to respect them.
With the PSD to web you can create anything you want to insert within your website . The starting image can be paper or digital, the important thing is that you have a clear idea of ​​the final destination, our staff of experts will take care of the rest. Your company logo, a landscape to make your background, a clickable photo, the development of a graph for the data, the stylization of a complex photo and even the creation of an image from scratch, starting only from an idea. If you have a concept that you want to render visual, a design that you want to digitize or you just want to personalize your website with exclusive elements, trust KuboWeb and you will have fulfilled your desire.

Unleash your imagination and contact us to customize your website.

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