What is link-building?

If I am browsing on a page and suddenly a clickable text appears, pressing it I will immediately find myself on another page, such as “ Portfolio “. In this case the link is internal to our website . What is of interest to an SEO expert is to ensure that the link points to an element found within our site . The links can come from any industry site, social network , blog or anything else not owned by us. This will increase inbound traffic .

The advantages of Link-building

The function is the same as positioning in the top search engine results, with additional advantages. It will bring more users with the direct link. It will also increase your digital reputation and the likelihood of being targeted among those same top results. Therefore, it falls within the SEO oriented activities aimed at inserting and reporting the website within the web directories. They are selected through an in-depth study of the reference sector and the domain authority .

Other actions concerning Link-building

Our staff will also take care of:
Social bookmarking : inclusion in lists of important bookmarks where the can be reported own website
Writing of article marketing : a form of marketing with which a brand or a produced through the publication of editorial articles containing the keywords and links to own website .

What to watch out for in link building

An effective action is one that combines various web marketing strategies. That is optimize your site based on the user experience and index it to be easily found by anyone. However, it is not enough to fill the web with links that point to your site . Correct selection work must be carried out. Understanding where it is best to insert external links, as poorly done link building can be risky and penalize the site itself .

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