What Google AdWords Campaigns are aimed at

All web marketing tools use one or more digital media and aim to reach a greater number of users and the increase in one’s earnings, in economic terms and fame . With Campaigns Google Adwords you will hit your target audience by leaping to the eyes of users who search for the keywords you have chosen. Flanked by the experts of KuboWeb , you will choose the most suitable strategy to be successful in a short time.

How Google AdWords campaigns work

Access the portal, write your ad explaining what you offer, choose the appropriate keywords and set a daily budget. In this way, as soon as a user enters one of the terms indicated by you, your ad will appear among the first results of Google accompanied by a box with the words “ Ann. ” (announcement, in fact). If you offer exactly what he was looking for he will click on it and he will find himself on your website , to the page you set up. Only at this point will you pay, for the click, the amount you set during the creation phase, without exceeding the maximum daily limit.

The solutions offered

Adwords offers several solutions, including:
Display Ads
Invideo Ads on YouTube
Text Ads
Shopping ads for your e-commerce

How and where your advertisement will appear

Banner inside other websites , announcements on the most important video platform in the world, pole position among the search engine results and much more to increase your visibility on the net. Actions aimed at the target audience will convert into actual purchases by the user, who had queried Google asking for exactly what you have to offer. The minimum costs of the operation (just a few euros per day are enough) will allow you to create a good number of ads and sponsor as many elements as possible.

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