Frequently asked questions… and answers

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ

We in KuboWeb have created this page to answer all the questions most frequently asked by users of our services and to dispel our web concerns.

Can Off Line also be used?
No, you must have an internet connection (WiFi, ADSL, etc.) to be able to use it.
How much space do I have?
According to the plan purchased, the space ranges from 10 to 100 yellow.
Will the site have the SSL safety certificate?
Can the hosting you use only one site?
Depending on the plan purchased, there are plans that can host up to 5 sites
You can change: Scratch, pictures, logo graphics, text size, etc. autonomously?
YES. In addition, video tutorials will be provided with turnkey turnkey sites.
What is the ‘GDPR’ basic adjustment?

 The GDPR is the law on privacy, which is mandatory in Italy. Click on the blue link to read the Regulation.

What fixed costs would I have per year?

 The annual fixed costs are the renewal of the domain/hosting and the maintenance of GPDR (privacy).

Is it possible to develop the site to make it more comprehensive or is it a “closed” package?
You can add modules that enlarge their functionalities
Will the site we set up be fast? Will it take a long time to upload?
Speed will be standard, not slow
Can the site also be used on Tablet and Smartphone?
Yes, our sites are responsive and can be used on all devices
Is the ‘attractive graphic design’ to be purchased separately?
Yes, the ‘attractive graphic design’ must be purchased separately from a site other than our
Is it possible to link the site to Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, etc.?
YES. You can connect it to Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and other marketplaces
Is it possible to insert a Chat live on the site... maybe linked to WHATSAPP?


Can we include several payment methods on the website?

 What we recommend are: PayPal, Clean-up and Credit Card (or Prepaid) through Paypal

Do I have the possibility to manage the site autonomously?
YES. In addition, video tutorials will be provided with turnkey turnkey sites.
Is it possible to insert customer withdrawals?


How many mailboxes do I have? How much space do I have on the email?
Infinite boxes, but it makes no sense to do more than one page. the space is the same as the site and is divided between site and email boxes.
Do you also make logos?
Yes, we in KuboWeb also realive: Logos, photographic Videos and Shooting
Once the site is in place, can I count on your help to clarify, inform and solve problems?

 We provide 2 hours of assistance, starting from EUR 250 for 10 hours (valid until 31/12/2020).

Once the site is in place, will I get immediate results?
The basic site is only the beginning. It will be necessary to sponsor it, make it known, perhaps at the beginning with the word, then by means of targeted advertising campaigns.
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