Can the site also be used offline?
No, an internet connection is required to browse.
How much storage space do I have available?
The space can vary from 10 to 100 Giga, depending on the plan purchased.
Will the site have the SSL security certificate?
Can the hosting that we will use host only one site?
No, depending on the plan purchased, it is possible to host up to 5 websites.
Can I change images, texts, backgrounds, etc. independently?
Oh yes! Ours are “turnkey” sites, and to learn how to manage them easily we will also provide you with video tutorials.
Will the site you deliver to me be a "closed package" or can I integrate it with new functions?
It is always possible to add modules that extend the functionality.
How long will the site take to load?
The loading speed is standard, but we can guarantee that the site will not be slow.
Can the site also be navigated from tablets and smartphones?
Undoubtedly yes, all of our sites are responsive, that is, optimized for viewing from mobile devices.
What is the basic "GDPR" adjustment?

It is the procedure for adapting the site to the privacy law, and in Italy it is mandatory. Read the regulation .

What are the annual expenses I have to face for using the website?

The annual fixed costs concern the renewal of the domain / hosting and the maintenance of the GDPR (privacy).

Is it possible to connect the site to Facebook, Amazon, E-bay, etc.?
Yes, it is possible to connect the site to social networks and marketplaces.
Is it possible to insert a live chat on the site, possibly connected with Whatsapp?
Yes, it is possible.
Is it possible to enter multiple payment methods on the site?
Of course, we recommend: PayPal, bank transfer and credit card (or prepaid) via PayPal.
Do I have the ability to manage the site independently?
Oh yes! Ours are “turnkey” sites, and to learn how to manage them easily we will also provide you with video tutorials.
Can I post customer reviews on the site?
Yes of course.
How many mailboxes do I have available? How much space do I have?
The e-mail boxes can be hundreds and hundreds but we always recommend not to exaggerate and activate a couple of them. Their space is shared with that of the website so it depends on the package purchased.
Do you also make logos?
Yes. We create websites, graphics, videos, photo shoots, copywriting … We are a 360-degree web agency.
After creating the site, can I count on your assistance?
Assistance is one of our strong points, which is why we decided to structure it according to the requests and problems that arise. Small and fast requests (very small and very fast!), As such, are always possible and we do our best to satisfy them quickly. On the other hand, when substantial, demanding and complex requests arise, the assistance time – free and paid – varies according to the agreement established with the customer and the nature of the website. Many customers appreciate our “hourly packages” because they are a guarantee in case of emergencies! To find out more, just write to us.
Will I get immediate results when the site is online?

It is always necessary to run in the site, “run it”, promote it, before reaping the first results. It is like a product that has just landed on the market, that is, it needs to be known before being considered by visitors. To do this, you need the right web marketing strategy.

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