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Who can use the Email Marketing

If you have a constantly evolving business, you sell products or services or you are a private individual who wants to convey his passion via the web, it is important that you keep the user of your digital world updated. Social network, websites and blog are a good way to do this, but often you can spread essential content that, for a variety of reasons, can escape your audience. To give it the right relevance and make sure it reaches the end user , rely on a well-designed newsletter campaign by our team KuboWeb.

The recipients of Email Marketing

You can communicate news, nice goodies, results achieved and relevant changes by sending a simple email; if well structured, with an attractive layout and adequate content, you will have hit the target and retain your customers . Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it hits a very specific target, which has chosen of its own free will to receive your web bulletin. Subscribing to a newsletter is very simple for anyone: just click the appropriate button inserted in your site web and that’s it.

How Email Marketing works

Email Marketing is part of the SEM promotion and strategy activities and you can use it when you must communicate something you deem essential , such as discounts or initiatives. You choose the time interval between mailings based on what you deem appropriate, whether it be days, weeks or months. What you must never underestimate is the quality of your information medium and the connection with your personal website . The keywords are brevity and immediacy, and with a single click hundreds of potential customers will read what you have to say.

Other complementary services to Email Marketing

Sending newsletters has never been easier. And with us you can increase your business also through:
● Campaign planning Google Adwords
● Realization of landing page
● Realization of websites made to measure
Optimization of your website

Don’t you know what Email Marketing is? Read the Wikipedia page on Email Marketing

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