But where are you going if you don’t have a portfolio?!

“So, what work do you do?”

The new categories of professionals have often found themselves answering this question and, without visual support, have encountered various difficulties in explaining their work in detail . This is where having a personal portfolio comes in handy, where you can enter your customers and the work done over the years. In addition to the works of the new millennium, it is obvious that even more “ancient” trades need a means to help them in this enterprise. Useful for your finances and, who knows, it could also be useful for the hypothetical interlocutor.

An interactive business cardportfolio better from the resume

But what are we talking about specifically? Of a tool that collects and displays all the work results of an individual or a company . The simplest way that comes to mind, linking us to the past, are the famous photographic books which included the visual works created, but also the famous discographies, filmographies etc. Yes, even those can be defined as portfolios, as they reveal the musical and film production of an artist, or rather his work background . Even if it is often thought that a curriculum performs this function, those with an important past already know that the CV is generic and is hardly read at all. Therefore, it must be accompanied by something that focuses on the most important elements of one’s career.

The portfolio of activities …

portolio e recensioni webA hairdresser would like to show the best hairstyles made, a designer the most significant works, a photographer the most beautiful services, a journalist his best pieces. The function of the portfolio is precisely this; because, you know, talking is of little use, especially in our age when we are used to looking, browsing and searching for the truth on search engines such as Google. Having everything at your fingertips makes everything easier, especially if you have the support of an IT tool that allows us to interact with images, links, videos and the social world, where you can also draw on reviews from our customers.

…and the customer portfolio

What we have just talked about would be limiting for some categories of professionals. As in some sectors, what makes the difference is the name of your customers . Thus, for example, a teacher could include in his portfolio the prestigious schools in which he taught, holding companies and franchises the important businesses they run in peak locations, lawyers the important names of politicians or entrepreneurs to whom they have solved problematic cases under for all to see. Finally, to return to the bombshell on the trades of the new millennium, think of the KirWeb which deals with the social media marketing of Taffo. Given the success of the well-known funeral home, no one would feel like closing the doors to the agency that put them on the crest of the wave.

To each his own

In view of this, it is easy to understand that the portfolio is not a standard tool for everyone, but must be customized based on personal experience. You could make a list based on the date of realization or make a selection of some more relevant items to show. We at KuboWeb also have the our portfolio , where the websites and activities we have carried out are present, in chronological order , without neglecting any of our customers. Every job deserves the right importance and, in order to attract as many customers as possible, it is necessary to best show what we are capable of .

Don’t know how to do it? Contact us for advice on how to create a multimedia tool that enhances your career path.