Do you feel digitally a loser?

In life it takes Kubo

Between saying “I want to sell online”
and making an e-commerce site there is a sea of ​​effort involved, and does the internet seem a labyrinth to you?

it's time to say ...

Digital marketing

It's a matter of Kubo

Growing the digital business of start-ups, emerging SMEs, and freelancers is the challenge for which we get up in the morning. That potential that you have, but are unable to put into practice, is our daily bread. Be wary of those who tell you that the giant Amazon wipes out e-commerce sites, that small brands are invisible in online commerce, and that building a successful web marketing costs a lot. We are the proof of the contrary. We are useful to your network, more than you might think.

Last (beautiful) labors

About us

Kubo People

In order to get these reviews, no customers were mistreated.

K for KuboWeb

Under this name there is not only a web agency, under this name there is an idea, and the ideas are bulletproof “.
Strictly taken from our favorite film, and the phrase that best reflects (and loads) the K-Team.
We are the ones who take you high on Google pages, to the center of digital shopping, to the fore on social media boards. We are digital business partners, but you can also call us digital marketing consultants, web developers, and even web masters or geeks. What matters most to us is that you call us.
In the flesh you can find us in Abruzzo, in Penne, a few kilometers from Chieti and Pescara. Where are you from?

To understand a Kube

The fateful question is “What are you doing?”.
For the answer we prepared ourselves as the model student for the final exams.
With the concept map.

The map serves to clarify ideas, not to confuse them. We’ve covered everything we do, but you have a choice. Like the menu at the restaurant. To achieve full satisfaction, we recommend a complete meal, without skipping courses.
We do not offer a binge, but a healthy and balanced service.

Kubo Partner

Here is who we proudly made clear agreements and long collaboration with

iubenda Certified Gold

Imagine all the people...

Yes, it’s John Lennon’s song. It seems perfect to us to convince you to stay with us, because you never say no to good music.


⁠⁠⁠085 799 3136

Via San Rocco, 22 – 65017 Penne (PE)

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